Kitamae Ginsen
Processed marine products from Hokkaido,
mainly from Otaru and the Shiribeshi region.


Mission 1
To introduce new, delicious, and enjoyable food from Hokkaido

Mission 2
To convey the history of Otaru, which played a key role in the development of Hokkaido as a logistics hub.

Mission 3
To tell the history of "Kitamae Senpaku", which connected various parts of Japan by marine transportation.

Mission 4
To convey the 150-year history of marine products processing in the northern part of Japan since the late Edo period.


From the late Edo period through the Meiji and Taisho periods, the Kitamae-bune, a trading ship that was known as a mobile general trading company, traversed the Sea of Japan, carrying a variety of commodities.

They carried daily commodities from western Japan and Hokuriku to Hokkaido, and marine products and mineral resources from Hokkaido to western Japan.

At that time, Otaru was the gateway to Hokkaido and flourished as a major logistics hub where goods were concentrated, and at the same time, marine processing techniques were refined in order to send marine resources to distant lands.

In 2016, the UNGA↑ project began with the question, "What is Otaru's uniqueness? UNGA↑ launched "HOKKAIDO OTARU THE GIFT: HOKKAIDO OTARU THE GIFT Kitamae Ginsen" as a brand that parallels the history of "Kitamae Senpaku" that connected Japan through marine transport in the present era.

We will introduce excellent processed marine products and delicious foodstuffs from various regions of Hokkaido to people all over Japan via Otaru.

5 types of bite-sized vacuum-packed seafood snacks landed in Hokkaido
北前吟撰 おつまみ燻製シリーズ5種 北前吟撰 おつまみ燻製シリーズ5種
4 types of seafood in olive oil landed in Hokkaido
北前吟撰 魚介オリーブオイル煮シリーズ4種 北前吟撰 魚介オリーブオイル煮シリーズ4種
8 types of canned seafood landed in Hokkaido
北前吟撰 魚介缶詰シリーズ8種 北前吟撰 魚介缶詰シリーズ8種
10 types of dried seafood landed in Hokkaido
北前吟撰 海産珍味シリーズ10種 北前吟撰 海産珍味シリーズ10種
7 types of rice dishes made with seafood landed in Hokkaido
北前吟撰 ご飯のお供シリーズ7種 北前吟撰 ご飯のお供シリーズ7種
4 types of frozen vacuum-packed fish dried overnight
北前吟撰 冷凍真空パック 魚の干物シリーズ4種

We also offer other products not listed above.