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On the way from Sapporo Station to Otaru on the JR Hakodate Line, the train passes Zenihako Station and begins to travel along the coastline overlooking the Sea of Japan. 3 km later, the train enters the Zhang-usu district, where a large, strikingly shaped rock is visible just to the right of the tracks. This is Ebisu Island, a landmark in the area. Incidentally, Ebisu Island was named after Ebisuya, the trade name of the Okada family, contractors of the Wotarunai place in the Edo period.

Ebisu Island is located on the coast of the Otaru Zhang-usu district and is one of the eight sights of Otaru's eight wards (the eight sights of the Zhang-usu district). The island is known for its blue pigeons, and the area around Ebisu Island is off-limits to birds and animals due to a wildlife protection zone.

The blue-winged dove is a rare species of summer bird that flies in from south of Honshu in early May and can be seen until around October, with only a few habitats in Hokkaido. The habitat on the Zhang-usu Coast is in the woods near the JR Hakodate Line, where hundreds of them form flocks and can be seen in the morning and evening, descending on the rocks near Ebisu Island to drink seawater. It is said that it was an ornithologist living in Otaru City who discovered that blue pigeons have the habit of drinking seawater.

Facility name
Hariusu Ebisu Island
〒047-0266 Hariusu Town, Hokkaido
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Chocolate in the shape of a sea bream

Tai monaka chocolate with 23 lucky spots in Otaru decorated on the packaging. Chocolate and rice puffs are added to the 100% glutinous rice monaka dough, which is baked using traditional techniques.

Chocolate in the shape of a sea bream

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Otaru Department Store UNGA↑

Original products that convey the attractions of Otaru are developed and sold in a storefront converted from the former Otaru warehouse headquarters, which is said to be the oldest business warehouse in Hokkaido, located in the Otaru North Canal area. The shop tells the story of Otaru's prosperity in the pioneering days of Hokkaido and the history of the Kitamaebune, and displays and sells processed seafood and agricultural products from the port of call and Hokkaido, as well as original products by craftsmen and artists associated with Otaru.

Otaru Department Store UNGA↑

Facility name
Otaru Department Store UNGA↑
〒047-0031 2-1-20 Ironai, Otaru City
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