Hiyori Mountain Light Station

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Hiyori Mountain Light Station, one of Otaru's most popular scenic spots, is a two-tone red and white lighthouse located on Takashima Cape in Shukutsu, Otaru City.

Hiyori Mountain Light Station

This historic lighthouse was the second lighthouse to be lit in Hokkaido after Cape Nosappu Lighthouse in 1881, and was constructed as a wooden hexagonal white lighthouse at that time.
In 1953, it was reconstructed as a concrete structure, and in 1968, it was painted in the same two-tone red and white color as today.

Hiyori Mountain Light Station

The height from the ground to the top of the light is 10.2 meters, and from the sea level to the light is 49.8 meters.
The light reaches a distance of 19.0 nautical miles (about 35.2 km).

The lighthouse was used for the filming of the movie "Years of Joy and Sorrow," which was shown in 1957.
Although the lighthouse is currently closed to the public, the view from the observatory, located a short distance away, is spectacular and has been featured in tourist brochures and magazines.

Facility name
Hiyori Mountain Light Station
〒047-0047 3-240 Shukutsu, Otaru City, Hokkaido
Otaru City Tourism Promotion Office:0134-32-4111

Chocolate in the shape of a sea bream

Tai monaka chocolate with 23 lucky spots in Otaru decorated on the packaging. Chocolate and rice puffs are added to the 100% glutinous rice monaka dough, which is baked using traditional techniques.

Chocolate in the shape of a sea bream

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Otaru Department Store UNGA↑

Original products that convey the attractions of Otaru are developed and sold in a storefront converted from the former Otaru warehouse headquarters, which is said to be the oldest business warehouse in Hokkaido, located in the Otaru North Canal area. The shop tells the story of Otaru's prosperity in the pioneering days of Hokkaido and the history of the Kitamaebune, and displays and sells processed seafood and agricultural products from the port of call and Hokkaido, as well as original products by craftsmen and artists associated with Otaru.

Otaru Department Store UNGA↑

Facility name
Otaru Department Store UNGA↑
〒047-0031 2-1-20 Ironai, Otaru City
Opening hours
Regular closing day
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